SERMI acts as scheme owner to the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA).


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Welcome to SERMI – the Association created to further develop, own, operate and maintain a scheme and process on Access to security-related repair and maintenance information for motor vehicles to approve and authorise independent operators (IO’s) working in the European automotive aftermarket to enable them to access security-related RMI.



The use of the SERMI scheme is mandated by the Delegated Regulation (EU) N° 2021/1244 amending Regulation (EU) N° 2018/858, which provides that standardised access to security-related RMI, but under the protection of security standards and security certificates and on the condition that independent operators and their employees are approved and authorised for this purpose based on specfic documents and requirements: (Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2021/1244).

The SERMI association is managed jointly by vehicle manufacturers and independent operators as stakeholders who are primarily involved in the process of providing or obtaining access to security related RMI, parts and functions.

SERMI acts as scheme owner to the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA).



The SERMI scheme was updated by the EA on 3 February 2023. The updated and validated scheme is available(here).


Via this link you can download the latest validated Sanctioned Interpretations List which includes interpretations and clarifications on the SERMI scheme.


1 December 2023 – Update: implementation dates for SERMI available


We have unlocked the implementation date for Norway, this will be February 1st, 2024.


We also have set the projected implementation dates for other countries. The actual implementation date will be subject to final confirmation by the SERMI Organisation two months prior to the projected go live date.


See the list for the countries & dates underneath:


SERMI process LIVE per February 1st, 2024:
- Norway (new)
- Denmark
- Finland


SERMI process projection to go live per April 1st, 2024:
(final confirmation two months prior to the projected going live date)
- Austria
- Belgium
- Germany
- Luxembourg
- The Netherlands
- Portugal
- Spain


SERMI process projection to go live per June 1st, 2024:
(final confirmation two months prior to the projected going live date)
- France
- Poland
- Italy


To check the available CABs in your country please click here.



17 November 2023 - New accredited CAB and new countries will be available soon


We welcome a new CAB for SERMI in Spain and in the meantime we can inform you that the following countries will be able to start with SERMI soon !


SERMI will soon become available in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland and Portugal. We will release new implementation dates in December. To check the available CABs in your country please click here.



27 October 2023 - The second Sanctioned Interpretations List is available


The European Accreditation Task Force has approved the second version of the Sanctioned Interpretations List. This second version contains clarifications and interpretations on the use of the Criminal Record and we added national trainings that are approved for use.



24 October 2023 - Spain has joined the SERMI family


After we recently reported that Norway and The Netherlands are joining the SERMI scheme, we are happy to announce that a CAB has been accredited in Spain as well !


Also for Spain we plan to set up the SERMI implementation date at the beginning of December. For further information about the approved Spanish CAB, please see the details shown in the 'Apply as IO' section.



13 October 2023 - With three countries having an accredited CAB in place, more countries are planning to follow suit at the earliest opportunity!


These new countries are Norway and The Netherlands and which represent examples of having benefited from a multi-country approval application. In the beginning of December, we will set up the SERMI implementation date for these 2 countries. At this moment you can find the approved CABs in the 'Apply as IO' section to request your accreditation.



3 October 2023 – Implementation SERMI in Denmark and Finland


After the first successful days of the SERMI implementation in Sweden we are proud to announce the implementation data for SERMI in two other Member States.


The two Member States where SERMI will be implemented next are Denmark and Finland. The implementation date is set for the 1st of February 2024. You can apply at your country specific CAB which are mentioned in the 'Apply as IO' section of the SERMI website. Stay tuned at our website for more information on available CABs in your country.



1 September 2023 - Finland: the first CAB is accredited for SERMI by the local NAB


SERMI is moving rapidly across Europe. After Sweden and Denmark, Finland is already the 3rd country with an accredited CAB. We are setting up the implementation date for Finland at this moment you can find the approved CABs in the 'Apply as IO' section.



23 August 2023 - Denmark: the first CABs are accredited for SERMI


Already 2 CABs are approved and active in the Danish market to validate IOs and their employees in Denmark. You can find the approved CABs in the Apply as IO section



8 August 2023 - Publication Sanctioned Interpretations list for SERMI scheme


The SERMI Scheme is a living document and is updated as needed with relevant information and the experience obtained from its application. Between publications of full revisions of the SERMI Scheme, sanctioned interpretations are published as needed to update or clarify the Scheme Document.

You can download the latest version here: Sanctioned Interpretations List



3 July 2023 - Gradual implementation of SERMI

Once a country is ready SERMI will be implemented


According to EU Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2021/1244, SERMI should have come into force in all EU member states from 1 August 2023. However, as not all Member States have an accredited Conformity Assessment Body available in time, the SERMI Operations Group, in cooperation with the European Commission, decided to:
  - Implement the SERMI scheme in those EU Member States that are ready, via a staged
  - Continue using current vehicle manufacturers’ proprietary identification systems in other


The staged implementation dates are as follows:

1 October 2023Sweden
1 December 2023To be defined
1 February 2024To be defined
1 April 2024To be defined
1 June 2024To be defined
1 August 2024To be defined

This schedule will be updated every 2 months


Get in contact with the (approved) CABs in your country? Click here


The United Kingdom intends to use SERMI on a voluntary basis.

Founding members

On behalf of Vehicle Manufacturers:


European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA)

Rond-Point Schuman 6

B-1040 Brussels



On behalf of Independent Operators:


Association Internationale des Réparateurs en Carrosserie (AIRC)

Grüner Weg 12,

DE-61169 Friedberg (Hessen)



European Council for Motor Trades and Repairs (CECRA)

Boulevard de la Woluwe 46, Box 9,

B-1200 Brussels



Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA)

Rue de la Science 41

B-1040 Brussels



European Federation of Automotive Aftermarket Distributors (FIGIEFA)

Boulevard de la Woluwe 42 Box 5,

B-1200 Brussels


SERMI has been established based on the recommendation of the Report issued by the EU Forum established under Article 13 of the Regulation (EC) N° 692/2008 and Article 66 of Regulation (EU) N° 2018/858. The task of the Association SERMI is to further develop, own, operate and maintain a scheme and process initially recommended by the EU Forum on Access to Vehicle RMI (Repair and Maintenance Information) to approve and authorise independent operators (IO) working in the European automotive aftermarket industry sector to enable to access security-related RMI.



Independent operator employees will need a security token (MFA) and pin protected electronic certificate and an authorisation when accessing a VM's website. An employee will only be authorised for security-related RMI access if their employer company has also been approved.


  1. The Independent Operator (IO) who wishes to conduct security related work will approach a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB).
  2. The CAB will then carry out the necessary approval (for the commercial enterprise/company) and authorisations (for the individual employees).
  3. After notification, the Trust Centre (TC) will issue certificates and security tokens to be distributed by the CAB to the Independent Operator as appropriate.
  4. The CAB will be accredited and assessed by the National Accreditation Body (NAB).


Once complete, the individual employee will be able to access the information from each manufacturer with this single certificate and authorisation (i.e. avoidance of multiple certificates and authorisation procedures with each individual vehicle manufacturer). The company approval and employee authorisation are valid for a period of 60 months, unless revoked due to misuse.

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